Klik2..tabung beli DSLR

Nov 30, 2010


oohhh My!! this my first day practical...and it feel like there is butterfly in my stomach...ahakss
nursing unit!!! waahaooOoo~
and right now i'm at my office...and heyy i'm alone, everyone busy with some event. hahahaha~ scared actually, coz i have to pick up called and i don't know how to handle it...first time laa...where shud i pass the call..wallaa~but its okay, it quit enjoyed here, glad that my colleagues put some song here...xlah sunyi kan...
i love the evening part of practical, coz the time move very2 fast...yeaahhh~ in blinking of eyes its already 5pm...wooaaaaaaa!!! over kan~ ^_^"
okay then, wanna focus on what ever so ever i wanna do...bye2 olls
pretending i'm very busy rite now okay!!!! hahahahahaha
so, that all about my Mr.P......

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Zetie said...

saya sgt setuju dgn miss kim..hehehe