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Mar 13, 2012

Hari yang Mendung

i'm now Listening to i Believe~ from Ifran Makki ft Maher Zain...
hope that this song will make me feel better from this dull day ~ ....~ 

i don't know why i'm feeling this way....maybe the inner of mine were not happy with the environment so then the outcome will see that me were not soooo in the mood~ 
very2, so do not do any stupid action with me.....
or u gonna pay for it...( cewaahhh~ cam garang je kann)

heyy beside ffrom the unhappy mode today....
there still something that make me smile....
thanks to Allah swt coz He still give me the chance to SMILE~
 don't sad or frustrated with what people think about you,
be worried of what Allah swt think about us....
do we become the good follower to Him
upside down!!!

Hope that we still under His Custody...Amiin~

so, forget the sad day of the day.....enjoy the life
do not think about the " not nice thing".... (^_~)

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