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Jul 5, 2012

Tonight We are Young!!!


 Miss this Mr. B soo much....what can I do, lately very tired exactly exhausted by very tight schedule I got this semester.... everyday except for wednesday I go to work at 8 am and go home at 6 pm thenn...go to classes again till 10 pm....what a great day right...walllaa...

I hope that I can face and endure it because the Ramadhan will coming soon ( 16 days to go) keep counting bcoz 1st ramadhan will be same date with my bornday 21st of July 19**.....the very barokhah month and hope it will bring more happiness and shine in my life...Aaminn~  ^_^

I kidnap this time waiting for my friend finish her class....I just finish prepared for my night class today....so holaholaaa time for a while... hehehehe

lots of thing happen, tired with the behavior of bank's worker....y la asking too much question and at the end you don't give the thing I want....pffft~
you are wasting your company money by calling me for something that you already know the answer....but what to do, it your works kann...pasrahhh je laa~

Hopefully, this time success laa...tiredd already r....ohh mann~

waitt, gee class finish at 6pm rite....hmmm there is 30 minutes more to go...huarrgghhh~ sleepyy...tsskkk~

addioosss....wanna listen to payphone.... LoveAdamLevine

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